Addiction Rehab Los Angeles

It is possible to recover from addiction. Escape from that compulsive need to use even when it affects everything and everyone in your life is hard, but our LA drug rehab will offer you that freedom. Addiction is a disease, and we treat it using evidence-based techniques to restore normal physical and mental health. We will teach you about your addiction, deconstruct it to understand why it started, and how you can cope with cravings and triggers. Our goal is to restore your sobriety, improve your emotional wellbeing and turn you into an individual who is independent, self-assured, and self-aware.

Our Treatment Center

Our residential rehab center uses well-researched techniques in all its programs. We teach and impart essential skills to our patients to improve their outcomes by laying a solid foundation for their recovery. We embark on a personal treatment journey with every patient, customizing plans to address their unique problems. Like other drug rehab treatment centers in California, we use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and psychotherapy as the basis of treatment.

What We Do

Assessment– We conduct a detailed evaluation upon arrival at our facility. This evaluation uncovers your history, the severity of your addiction, your drugs of choice, your physical and mental status, and the presence of other co-occurring disorders. This report guides as we customize a treatment plan. If we surmise that you need a detox, it will come right after we process your admission. Medically supervised detoxification is part of our residential treatment services and marks the first step towards recovery.

Therapy– Drug and alcohol rehab campuses have therapists, psychiatrists, and addiction counselors as part of their diverse team. Treatment begins after you settle into the rehab center, starting with individual face-to-face sessions with a therapist. Together you will explore the past to identify circumstances leading to your habit and the triggers that have sustained it. These sessions will go on for the entire duration of treatment.

Group Therapy– As part of a community in treatment, you will attend group sessions every day. We are social beings and thrive when we are part of a group. Receiving counseling as a group will help you get further insight into your condition when you understand the similar struggles of others. These sessions will help you be more open to sharing, improve your interpersonal skills, develop coping mechanisms, increase your confidence and overcome your shame and need to isolate.

Family Therapy– The best substance abuse treatment programs include family throughout. As you progress in your recovery, we will invite close kin for family therapy. These sessions will restore weakened bonds and offer guidance on creating a supportive environment at home.

Relapse Prevention– The greatest threat to your recovery is relapse. You are most vulnerable in the first months of sobriety. We will equip you with coping skills for stressors and triggers to stay clean. After treatment, relapse prevention continues through peer support groups to link you.

We are among the top rehab centers of Los Angeles because, in addition to the above, we also offer alternative therapies such as fitness, music, art, yoga, meditation, and spirituality. We have rich amenities and entertainment areas to keep your senses engaged throughout your stay. Please call Profound LA at 310-929-9546 to learn more about our treatment facility.

Addiction Rehab Los Angeles