Drug Addiction Treatment Los Angeles

Drug addiction takes a toll on mental, physical, and emotional health. Intervention is necessary to break free from the disease and restore meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life. We are an LA drug rehab specializing in giving treatment to people struggling with substance abuse disorders. We have inpatient and outpatient programs and partial hospitalization for those who want the best of both worlds. Our rehab programs are evidence-based and adhere to state guidelines. We offer different, newer treatment techniques to make sobriety stick for a lifetime.

Our Location

We are located in the heart of LA. Like other drug rehab centers in California, we mainly cater to alcoholics but are equipped to offer help to cocaine, opioids, and benzodiazepines. The legalization and increased potency of marijuana over the years have increased the likelihood of psychological addiction, and we have developed programs for that. Our interventions are adaptable to multi-drug users and those who have relapsed after treatment.

Our facility is away from the turbulence and chaos of the city. We have set up in a serene environment, surrounded by nature. This tranquility is vital for meditation and self-reflection, which we teach for more comprehensive treatment.

Our Services

We have outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive inpatient programs. Our residential program is the most popular because it removes patients from their environment long enough for the intervention to work. Drug and alcohol rehab campuses accept clients for a minimum of 28 days to three months. We are more flexible and allow patients to stay for up to six months or a year if they desire to.

We offer a medically supervised detox. After an assessment, a doctor creates a treatment plan for you, and in some cases, we offer detoxification immediately after addiction. It helps alleviate the worst withdrawal symptoms and returns your body into a drug-free state.

We offer treatment for dual diagnosis. IT follows the realization that most people struggling with drug abuse also have another co-occurring mental issue. We treat these illnesses to remove their influence on your substance use as part of our comprehensive care. Our diverse team of psychiatrists and therapists will raise your awareness of other disorders, address their causes and offer a long-term management strategy.

Our Cost

We have consistently emerged as one of the top rehab centers of Los Angeles because of how affordable our prices are. We have no fixed package because every individual case is unique, and we determine the cost based on the level of care you will require. We accept cash and insurance payments. We are a private rehab center and cannot offer free services. Our less-intensive programs are an affordable low-cost option for those who desire intervention but have no means to afford residency. We welcome prospective patients to reach out to us to discuss payment options.

Why Choose Us

At our state-of-the-art rehab center, we follow the best substance abuse treatment programs to give a recovering addict a chance at long-term recovery. In addition to CBT, psychotherapy, group counseling, and family therapy, we also have music, animal, art therapy, and fitness, among other creative outlets. You will find sobriety with our help and also find yourself.  

Please call Profound LA at 310-929-9546 to learn more about our treatment programs.  

Drug Addiction Treatment Los Angeles