Drug Rehab Centers Los Angeles

Drug addiction is a debilitating illness with millions of victims, many of whom do not receive any help. It is hard to find meaning, purpose, or fulfillment in life when weighed down by a substance abuse disorder. An intervention is necessary to overcome this addiction. Thankfully, there are enough drug rehab treatment centers in California that offer help. These centers provide a second chance at life, welcoming all people regardless of the severity of their addiction, their chronic or co-occurring illnesses, and past failure rates.

Do drug rehabs work?

Yes, drug and alcohol rehab campuses effectively break addiction and foster long-term recovery. It takes a high level of personal commitment, though, because success is predicated on the willingness of an addict to receive help and follow through. Each patient gets a tailored treatment plan after a detailed assessment of their physical and mental status. The plan identifies different problem areas, sets goals, lists objectives, and routinely measures the success of the treatment.

What treatment program is ideal for me?

The top rehab centers of Los Angeles have inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. We use an evaluation tool to suggest which would be most beneficial. If you have a multi-drug user, have a co-occurring illness, a high relapse rate, or use uncontrollably disregard your work, family, or personal health, we suggest the residential program. It gives you maximum time with professionals to find a lasting solution to your addiction.

Do I need to withdraw from drugs before checking into rehab?

Withdrawal is not a prerequisite, as the best substance abuse treatment programs make room for detoxification. With some drugs, unsupervised withdrawal is dangerous and produces unmanageable withdrawal symptoms. We encourage all clients to enroll in a treatment center to get a medically supervised detox.

Can I leave rehab once I am admitted?

Patients are not allowed to leave if admitted for a residential program. We have more lenient outpatient programs for unavoidable commitments such as school or work. Inpatient programs are meant to be restrictive because avoiding external influences allows the treatment to take. While patients are free to interact with each other, they are not free to come and go from the facility.

How long do I need to stay?

The average LA drug rehab has programs that range from four weeks to three months. Others have lengthier six-month treatment options for those who wish to extend their treatment period. Based on your treatment plan, the center will suggest the appropriate length of admission. For the program to work, ensure you stay for the entire course of treatment.

Can I go to rehab after relapsing?

Yes, you can enroll again after relapsing. While rehab centers do their best to equip patients with the best sobriety tools, a few will inevitably struggle to maintain it. Relapse is hard to deal with and often leads to worse abuse. Going back to rehab will offer you a chance to reevaluate, identify other problem areas, and learn more coping skills. Recovery is the end goal, and relapse should not keep you from pursuing it.

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Drug Rehab Centers Los Angeles