Struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can quickly feel as if there is no way out. The truth is the road to recovery begins with making a connection with the right resource. Today, drug and alcohol recovery resources are as diverse as the people who need them. Culver City residents who require rehabilitation from substance addiction may choose from among a variety of treatment centers that serve different people from all walks of life. For people who are battling addiction, it is essential to seek treatment without delay.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Resources in Culver City

Culver City is located in Los Angeles County, an area that has long been associated with high incomes, fast lifestyles, and the entertainment industry, as well as the sharp contrasts that exist between wealth and poverty. These factors and others contribute to the high rates of drug abuse and addiction in the area. Fortunately, Los Angeles County also offers multiple rehabilitation centers for those who are seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Several of those resources are located in or near Culver City. These treatment centers focus on various steps along the critical road to recovery.

Drug Abuse in Culver City

Prescription painkiller abuse has come into the national spotlight as opioid addiction has surged to epidemic levels. Drug overdose is now the leading cause of injury-related death in the United States. Half of all injury-related deaths are attributed to heroin or prescription painkillers. Southern California has been no exception to the upward trend of heroin and prescription opioid addiction. Prescription drug abuse in Southern California is primarily attributed to the over-\prescription of opioid painkillers. Similar to other parts of the country, heroin abuse has transitioned from being mostly concentrated in low-income areas to the suburbs and wealthier communities. In many cases, people who have become addicted to doctor-prescribed drugs begun using heroin when they are no longer able to obtain the prescription drug to which they have become addicted.

Although prescription opioids and heroin are currently receiving focused attention in the media and among legislators, other drugs continue to contribute to the high rates of drug addiction in Culver City and the surrounding Los Angeles County area. California has seen a surge in the production and distribution of methamphetamine in recent years. Hash oil, a concentrated form of marijuana that is produced using highly flammable butane gas, has also grown in popularity.

Residential Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in Culver City

Residential alcohol and drug treatment programs are available in Los Angeles County to people from all walks of life. When a patient opts to undergo residential treatment, he or she will be admitted to a medical facility for a specified number of days or weeks to receive detox support and round-the-clock treatment. Depending on the nature of a person’s addiction, medical detox may be necessary; therefore, some cases require the intense supervision and support that is only available in a medical setting. Residential programs offer a variety of therapeutic services, including mental health counseling, group therapy, and, if necessary, medication management.

Culver City Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation may be an option for people who have jobs or family obligations that do not allow them to leave their daily life to reside at an inpatient facility for the duration of a program. This approach to treatment typically requires the patient to regularly travel to a treatment center to meet with doctors, counselors, and coaches. Similar to residential treatment, outpatient programs also usually include some element of group therapy to allow patients to interact and learn coping strategies with likeminded people who are experiencing a similar struggle.

Affordable Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Programs in Culver City

People who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction have more options than ever when choosing a treatment program. From very exclusive, high-end rehabilitation centers to publicly-funded clinics, treatment centers are available to all residents of Los Angeles County who require addiction help with overcoming their addiction. California offers Med-Cal, the state’s version of Medicaid, which covers the cost of rehabilitation for individuals who have a drug or alcohol addiction and cannot afford insurance or treatment at a private facility. Both public and private treatment programs are available in Culver City and surrounding areas.

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

In many cases, drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues are manifested concurrently. Therefore, active recovery from addiction is dependent on successfully treating an underlying mental illness. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers are equipped to evaluate and address mental health issues that may be driving addiction in patients who are battling addiction.

Culver City Recovery Meetings

Whether a patient chooses inpatient or outpatient treatment, he or she will need to learn to navigate the world while remaining in recovery. Support groups offer a tremendous about of value to individuals who are in recovery. There are as many different types of recovery groups as there are people who require their services. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are examples of large, nationwide groups that have chapters in most major cities. Also, these larger groups, there are smaller groups that may offer a more intimate feel and a more specific focus. Some groups share philosophies that are based on religious tenets, while others are secular or more universal in their center. Regardless, recovery groups hold regular meetings in the interest of allowing people who are in recovery from addiction to share their day-to-day experiences and support each other in living a clean and sober life in a surrounding society that does not fully understand addiction and the recovery process. Most people who are recovering from an addiction are strongly advised to join a recovery group that is in line with their ideals and interests.

We Are Here to Help

Whether you or someone you know is battling addiction, we are here to provide access to the resources you need. We offer inpatient and outpatient services in a safe, supportive environment. Our staff is qualified to help you or your loved one get clean and sober and effectively transition to a healthy, clean, and sober lifestyle. Call us today.