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Can you lose your job when you get into rehab? There is a massive concern among professionals who feel they cannot separate from their office because they could lose the only thing keeping them from going completely bonkers. It is normal and healthy that you look into such a critical matter because rehab is not a choice when you want to cut ties with all former damaging thoughts.

There is a possibility that some employers will not have the capability to be flexible with your absence and will have to replace you to keep up a steady income. However, there are laws about these particular issues, and we want you to be more aware of the best way of finding help while keeping your job.

Laws on joining top rehab centers of Los Angeles on a leave of absence

There is a possibility that 7 in every ten people who do not know about these laws will lose their jobs.

As explained, most employers are inclined to fire you even if you suffer from a mental health issue that leads to a drug addiction illness. That said, most people will lose their jobs for the blanket reason that they were absent from their roles. The following are anti-discriminatory laws you can refer to when applying for admission to Profound.

  • The Family Medical Leave of Absence states that you are entitled to the same pay, conditions, and terms upon your return from rehab, which means the employer does not have a right to fire you. The only requirement you need to deserve these benefits is that you should have worked for the same private or public employer for at least 12 months.
  • Americans with Disabilities includes protections for disabled people who have to get into rehab if your employer has at least 15 people working for them.
  • Mental Health Parity and Addictions Equity Act prevents insurance firms and others from canceling your benefits because you needed medical treatment for mental illness addiction.

Career after your treatment at drug rehab treatment centers in California

Many people wonder how soon they can go back to work even if they have the assurance that they will keep their position. The good news is that some people will not have to run the entire course of a three-month treatment at drug and alcohol rehab campuses and can get out and join an outpatient sober living home treatment center that allows them to balance their life between work and rehab.

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Taking the initiative to learn about drug rehabs is the first step towards making sure you spend less time in the sober living home and have a reason to stay motivated through your treatment. We know that the process of making sure you receive all your benefits is not smooth and straightforward, so our team will be glad to book a consultation, so we know how best to support the process. Contact our LA drug rehab at 310-929-9546 for fast feedback.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers Los Angeles