Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Los Angeles

Dual diagnosis is commonly experienced by at least one in four people who struggle with addiction. Surprisingly, there are many stigmas because people are using traditional care models to treat addictions.

The dual diagnosis did not start making its mark until a couple of decades back so that people would treat drug addiction and co-occurring illnesses separately. This approach was highly disadvantageous to the patient because they would not find a clear connection between their drug problem until it was too late.

Modern rehab medicine addresses the stigma associated with drug abuse and offers treatments that deal with psychiatric issues and medical imbalances.  Recent scientific research makes this possible because they have established that depression, anxiety, delusions, and other issues result from biological and social causes. Profound wants to address both issues together and stimulate a new mindset that will be more effective on your road to recovery with top rehab centers in Los Angeles.

Reasons To Consider Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers In Los Angeles

Dual Diagnosis Is The Better Option

It is more common to receive a dual diagnosis than not, so you want to make sure you join a rehab with resources to support the program. Dual diagnosis is anything but simple because it takes more than one person and specialty to solve your mental issues and free you from the patterns that enslave you into a drug habit. Our drug rehab treatment centers in California have numerous approaches to dual diagnosis and should be able to perform multiple tests to bring out all these things to the forefront.

Multiple Treatment Solutions

Dual diagnosis is about more than uncovering surface things like depression and anxiety but looking deep into all the conditions that accompany the symptoms. Some of the issues our drug and alcohol rehab campuses may look at include:

  • Dietary problems
  • Childhood abuse
  • Biological illnesses like schizophrenia
  • ADHD

It is not always easy to get into treatment, but we promise to exhaust as much as possible to define the precise combination of all factors involved. Be prepared to go through a more intense treatment than usual because we may use science-based programs to hold the mirror to your face so you can see and accept things that you buried deep in your psyche.

Dual Diagnosis Is A High-Risk Treatment

Dual diagnosis is not easy because there is not easy jumping through mental and emotional issues. Treatment comes after a thorough blend of many different issues and enough therapy to help you come out better than you ever were.

Addiction Is Easy

Slipping into addiction is easy when you suffer from multiple issues like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, among other things. The best course of action is to get into rehab before falling into a more intense addiction. Our top-tier programs include several services under one roof and proof-based practices that will inspire you to new thought processes, more confidence, and strategic decision-making to face complex difficulties.

Are you curious about the specifics of the program and how you can get started? Contact our LA drug rehab at 310-929-9546 to book a personalized consultation on the best substance abuse treatment programs.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Los Angeles