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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center for Los Angeles

Dual Diagnosis Treatment is a technique for treatment where an individual is determined to have both a substance use disorder and a psychological disorder. In such patients, the rehabilitation program will need to address both diagnoses if the treatment is to be successful. If you think you or anyone you know may benefit from receiving treatment at a top dual diagnosis treatment center in Los Angeles, then you should get in touch with Profound Treatment Center.

What are The Benefits of Therapy for Dual Diagnosis Treatments?

Fosters Bond with The Patients

The choice to look for treatment for substance use disorder is no simple one and requires a lot of trust among patients and their therapists. Most patients are forlorn and need somebody to discuss with during their recovery cycle. Accordingly, these councilors tend to create personal bonds with these patients. Strong bonds like this guarantee that patients view their therapists as reliable and approachable.

The advisors accomplish this by guaranteeing that the patients realize they are concerned about their wellbeing, persistently paying attention to the patient, and sympathizing with them. By creating an atmosphere where patients feel relaxed to express themselves, the councilors will be better equipped to help them make progress toward recuperation.

Support Patient Recovery

Recuperating from substance use disorder is difficult, as numerous people with alcohol or medication reliance neglect to perceive their own examples of misuse, or have irresolute sentiments about looking for treatment. In substance misuse treatment, the patient’s inspiration to change has regularly been driven by fear of disappointment.

Therefore, by providing support to these patients, the councilors will help them through the recovery process. The councilors also need to exercise patience and encourage these patients when they momentarily relapse.

Help Patients Develop a Relapse Prevention Plan

Various studies have shown that an expected 40-60 percent of patients will relapse sooner or later during their life, which is comparable to many surely known sicknesses like diabetes, asthma, and hypertension. However, relapsing doesn’t mean treatment has fizzled; rather, it empowers the councilor to adopt other means of assisting the patient. Developing an extensive relapse avoidance plan is a fundamental duty of the councilor in aiding the patient’s recuperation.


Request Family Support

For loved ones of patients in recuperation, tending to the substance use disorder is quite possibly the most troublesome part of assisting adored ones with recuperating. Thus, during the therapy, the family must be very much educated regarding how to deal with their relative’s substance abuse habit.

The therapist can help patients’ families in a variety of ways, from intervening in family therapy meetings to assisting them with finding a care group. The help of loved ones assumes an essential part in recuperating from fixation.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Los Angeles