Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Make a phone call to Profound LA as you search for inpatient alcohol rehab in Los Angeles. Within a few hours of your decision to quit using drugs or drinking, you’ll need access to detox and resources that will minimize withdrawal symptoms and help you successfully avoid a relapse. Our residential treatment program is one of the best in the state, recognized for excellence by top rehab centers of Los Angeles. Inpatient rehab will keep you safe and comfortable while you begin to heal from alcoholism; contact us for immediate placement.

5 Ways Inpatient Rehab Will Help You Beat Addiction

1. By comparing residential drug rehab treatment centers in California and selecting a rehab for treatment, you’ll stay connected with the resources and programs necessary to overcome your addiction. Activities and amenities will help keep your mind off of addiction while you learn new skills and methods of avoiding triggers and staying on the right path. At Profound LA, you’ll enjoy comfort amenities, relaxing outdoor activities, water sports, swimming, private rooms, and more, while you reach for the prize of lifelong recovery.

2. Residential detox at Profound LA will ensure you are surrounded by a support team 24-hours a day in early recovery. By choosing our drug and alcohol rehab campuses, you won’t have to go home at the end of the day and face the pressures of everyday life until you’re ready to leave rehab. During your time spent in our program, you’ll discover the reason you began using drugs or drinking and why it’s been so difficult for you to stop.

3. At Profound LA, we believe the best substance abuse treatment programs connect patients to others who are walking on the same path, albeit at another point or time in their journey. You’ll make new friends during your stay at our inpatient alcohol rehab in Los Angeles; in fact, it’s not uncommon for lifelong friendships to be forged during recovery.

4. There’s something altogether powerful about making a long-term commitment to rehab; outpatient programs often fail to lead to long-term success in treatment and are more suited as aftercare services or step-down treatment. When you make the decision to visit our LA drug rehab and agree to our residential rehab, you’ll notice big changes taking place every day.

5. Our inpatient alcohol rehab in Los Angeles is close to home; you won’t have to travel to another state or another part of the world to find a quality program- we’re equipped to deal with even the most severe addictions at Profound LA.

The first step in your recovery journey is to contact our admissions team for a Q&A session or telephone consultation. Our 24-hour helpline is always open, even if you just need to hear a friendly voice on the line. If you feel like opening up to a counselor, requesting an insurance benefits check, or asking about placement in our residential program, reach out to us by calling 310-929-9546.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles