Los Angeles Addiction Treatment

There are over 500 drug rehab centers in California, with about 90 long-term programs, around 95 short-term inpatient services, and about 350 outpatient programs and more than 130 detox services. Many other forms of therapies are available throughout the state.

Drug rehab treatment centers in California have qualified professionals with extensive experience in the addiction field. It can be difficult to take the first step to seek the best treatment program. If you are curious about the appropriate program for you or your loved ones, keep reading.

Inpatient Drug rehab

There are 40 inpatient drug and alcohol rehab campuses in Los Angeles. These programs give 24-hour care. Inpatient drug rehab is slightly different from residential treatment programs since they offer ongoing care and support patients who need this type of care.


There are over 100 detox medications in Los Angeles where patients can receive the best substance abuse treatment programs. Detoxes at times use medications to help in the process. When a patient s discharged, they are expected to go to treatment and do not need substances to mitigate withdrawal symptoms.

Short-Term Inpatient

California is home to several short-term inpatient centers. The short-term programs take up to four weeks to complete. The facilities house the patients during their treatment.

Long-Term Programs

In Los Angeles, there are 90 long-term programs listed. These top rehab centers of Los Angeles provide opportunities for patients with severe addictions or who have relapsed to enjoy the benefits of treatment.


Outpatient programs can be done while staying at home and continuing with a school or work schedule. California has more than 400 outpatient programs listed. This type of program is recommended for patients with a mild addiction.

Cost Of Treatment

The cost of treatment in LA drug rehab is highly dependent on the type of program the individual is after. But even this factor is dependent on the type of health insurance. If you have private health insurance or Medicaid, they will be limited to some programs that accept it. These factors can make treatment vary from free to very expensive.

There are over 300 substance abuse programs that accept Medicaid for payment. Over 300 facilities take private health insurance, and more than 400 programs accept cash payment, referred to as private pay. However, the programs that offer sliding scale options are less than 200.

Medicaid pays for substance abuse treatment services since it is for those with financial hardship and can cover the total cost of treatment. Finding a program with an available bed and no waiting list may be challenging. More than half the population has Medicaid assistance.

Private insurance helps in reducing the cost of treatment. Since more programs take private insurance, it is easier to get a suitable facility since patients may have options. Private insurance does not always cover the total treatment cost, and at times insurance companies refuse to pay if they feel the treatment is unnecessary.

Federal funding to expand Medicaid in California is at 64%, meaning several uninsured people do not qualify for Medicaid and cannot afford private insurance. The good news is several insurance providers use the state exchange marketplace to offer discounted coverage.

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Los Angeles Addiction Treatment