Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction is complex, and despite milestones in addiction medicine, there is much more that we need to learn. We currently understand the mechanisms of addiction, its psychological components, and the difficulty of overcoming them. Addiction is difficult to self-diagnose as most people regard their substance use as recreational, despite evidence of harm. When you reach a point where your drug or alcohol use is compulsive, and you are aware but ignorant of the consequences, you are addicted and require help.

Our LA drug rehab offers treatment for people struggling with a drug or substance abuse disorder. We understand the burden of drug dependency on a person and have specially designed programs to help you find freedom. Addiction is a multifaceted biopsychosocial disorder, and by using a multivariate treatment approach, we can help you understand your addiction, overcome it, and prevent its reoccurrence for life.

While there are several drug rehab treatment centers in California, we are unique in our treatment approach. Restoring your sobriety is our primary purpose, but we also try to equip you with life skills, coping mechanisms, and healthy ways to deal with the inevitable stresses of life.

When you arrive at our doors, we will spend time getting to know you, evaluating your physical and mental statuses, and understanding your objectives and goals. We believe in customizing a personal treatment plan, one that aligns with your current state and addresses the problem areas we identify.

We offer medically supervised detoxification and will optionally recommend it to you based on your history of use, the substance of choice, and the state of admission. Like other drug and alcohol campuses and mainstream hospitals, our detox is available as an outpatient service. We, however, recommend our detox patients stay with us for continued care.

Our care programs include:

Outpatient Treatment

It is for patients whose addiction is mild to moderate. It is even suitable for long-term recovery patient who needs ongoing therapy for additional support.

Residential Treatment

It is for patients whose addiction has taken over their lives. It ranks first among the best substance abuse treatment programs because of its thoroughness. Inpatient treatment is the most intensive as it gives us maximum time with you. We will deconstruct your addiction and examine why it started, kept going, and co-occurring disorders that might directly or indirectly contribute. We will also use the time to build new skills invaluable in maintaining sobriety.

Partial Hospitalization

It is for patients who require a high level of care but are unwilling or unable to reside within the facility.

As one of the top rehab centers of Los Angeles, we have a multitalented care team to take you through the treatment. There are no gaps in our care as we have clinical staff, addiction, behavioral health specialists, and various support staff.

Our facility is well designed, tucked away in a serene environment away from the distractions of the city. It has all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay as you rediscover your freedom.

Please stop by Profound LA today or call 310-929-9546 to review our treatment programs.

Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Center