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A residential or intensive inpatient program is a treatment plan that gives patients access to care and therapy 24 hours a day. It is suitable for individuals struggling with substance abuse and alcohol use disorders. It is the most popular program in drug rehab treatment centers in California and varies in length from twenty-eight days to six months, and in some exceptional cases, a year.

There are different levels of care, and residential treatment is the most comprehensive among them. Hospitalization might seem extreme, but there are predisposing factors that qualify it. These include:

  • Failure to achieve sobriety at the lower levels of care. Frequent relapses weeks or months after treatment characterize this failure.
  • Unsupportive environments at home or work. Living in communities where substance abuse is rampant makes it harder to recover.
  • Suicidal ideation, where the person is a danger to others as well
  • Co-occurring mental health issues. A person might require more treatment if they are also struggling with anxiety, stress, bipolar disorders, etc.


Residential treatment is the best substance abuse treatment program for several reasons.

Detox– There is a high relapse rate amongst outpatient treatment patients. The pain of withdrawal outweighs the pain of avoiding treatment. These rehab centers offer patients a solid start to their recovery journeys by offering detox. The detox is medically supervised and can take several days, depending on the severity of their addiction.

Round-the-clock care– A dedicated team of nurses, doctors, and mental health professionals monitor and offer support to patients 24 hours a day. It is care at its highest level, and though it comes with a few concessions like a lack of privacy, it is ideal for recognizing areas of struggle and preventing relapse.

Location-Many drug and alcohol rehab campuses are set up in quiet, serene locations far from the chaos and distractions of everyday life. They offer an escape because the patient no longer interacts with toxic people and environments. In these centers, they get a chance to take a break, reflect and find themselves.

Therapy– Intensive inpatient programs have the most abundant therapy sessions. Patients undergo different therapeutic techniques and experiment with other treatment modalities to improve their outcomes. Therapists can see their patients outside the office. They observe and report to adjust treatment plans, increasing their recovery rates.

Structure– Every LA drug rehab has structured morning, day, and evening routines. It allows them to make maximum use of available time and implement the habit of creating a routine that is essential to recovery.

Some top rehab centers of Los Angeles offer retreat-based therapy. These are wellness centers that people can visit with their spouses or family for healing and restoration. As they process their emotional and psychological issues, they might identify substance use as an area of concern. They can address these issues with a care team and undergo a treatment plan based on how strongly they feel about their drug use. While less intensive, it offers many people a chance to stop their misuse from evolving into addiction. 

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Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Centers