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One of the earliest complaints about traditional rehabs is that they did not have systems designed to support their patients’ recovery after they leave. Some so many people fall into worse situations because they did not get individualized treatment or get thrown out when their insurance benefits are no longer available.

NIDA generally recommends that you only join drug and alcohol rehab campuses with resources that will help your issue and ensure that the programs are suited for your drug addiction illness. Additionally, verify that the facility can accommodate you for the recommended duration of your stay, so you have a realistic idea of how much you can get from the program.

How Our Sober Living Home and Drug Rehab Treatment Centers in California Works?

You must complete detox and meet the requirements of staying there for at least the recommended duration of stay, 90 days. Most residents choose to stay longer for up to 9 months until they have achieved complete autonomy to return to society. The following are some standard eligibility requirements for staying in a sober living home:

  • Do not use drugs
  • Participate in the different therapy programs
  • Avoid intimate or sexual relations
  • Complete all household chores
  • Make sure you are always in time for curfews
  • Adhere to the random drug and alcohol tests

Failure to follow these rules will result in repercussions, including restrictions to certain things and possible eviction.

Tips On How To Reap Better Results From Sober Living Homes

Verify The Duration Of Your Stay At The Top Rehab Centers Of Los Angeles

How long should you stay in the sober living home? The exact measure of time depends on your medical profile when you first check-in, as well as your preference. It is wise to determine what you would like to achieve before leaving so you know how best to subdivide the duration into quantifiable sections. You will know it is time to go when you experience the following:

  • You have a positive feeling about your new state of mind and being
  • You are confident that you will get suitable accommodation once you leave the facility
  • You have the means to support your life
  • You have met all your objectives of joining a sober living home.

It is easy for many people to stay in these homes for years because they like the people in the space and do not have to worry about the triggers that may come up when they live with family members. We do not have a problem housing you for as long as necessary, especially when you follow all the regulations, stay respectful to your housemates and staff, and participate in the best substance abuse treatment programs.

What Is The Takeaway On Our Sober Living Home?

Our Los Angeles alcohol rehab is all about providing you with structure and support between your admission and the moment you naturally decide to leave. We want to lower the risks of you not completing the treatment by supporting you with the right skills and adequate information. Contact our LA drug rehab at  310-929-9546 to book a consultation session with one of our staff, and we will be sure to provide you with the necessary data for your specific case.

Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab