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More than 500 brands of psychotherapy exist, and a new one comes up in some part of the world every other month. Some of these treatments are more mainstream than others because they have scientific backing and have proven their effectiveness over hundreds or thousands of clients.

EMDR is a popular psychotherapy solution that carries a lot of potentials to treat brain-related complications. This therapy offers serendipity by refocusing the brain’s waves, which control anxiety disorders, phobia, sexual dysfunction, and eating abnormalities.

How a Los Angeles rehab’s EMDR Program Works

EMDR was birthed in the 80s when a California-based psychologist noticed that her mind settled down to more calm when she went into the woods for a relaxing walk as she observed her surroundings. It started as a therapy service that allowed returning soldiers and women who were raped to process their thoughts and regain their mental vigilance. Later, it underwent several tests and evolutions to become EMDR instead of EMD because scientists established that it helped reprocess one’s mind after a traumatic event.

The therapy works because the mind has a natural ability to heal and process the information on its own, and it does so when we relax and let it run its natural course of recovery. EMDR works because it stimulates this natural healing process to sort out distorted thoughts, images, sensations, and perspectives. It helps patients address things that the brain buried deep in mind, such as negative emotional changes, unhealed memories, and a poor thought process network.

Patients who complete an EMDR treatment at drug rehab treatment centers in California notice that they are less triggered by experiences that cause adverse reactions and have a much easier time processing difficult memories.

Things To Expect With EMDR

EMDR sessions are longer than regular therapy sessions and last between an hour and three hours. We will ask you to focus on specific aspects of a disturbing event and guide your eyes through several sets of stimulation techniques, such as oscillating vibrations and buzzers. The stimulation will continue until your mind is more at ease, and your body can allow you to recall the stored sensations so you can bring them out to the surface for reprocessing.

The number of sessions you will need depends on the level of trauma, so some people will only get two while others will need more than a couple of sessions in top rehab centers of Los Angeles.

Conditions that can be treated with EMDR:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Lethargy
  • Panic attacks
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • PTSD
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Drug addictions
  • Grief

How Effective Is EMDR?

EMDR has received many positive remarks, especially from people with chronic stress. The therapist will recommend this treatment based on your diagnosis because not everyone is a good candidate.

Nonetheless, everyone who goes through EMDR from drug and alcohol rehab campuses will realize several mental and emotional improvements, such as reduced anxiety, better stress management, and a feeling of general lightness because they have a different perspective on former traumas.

We have certified EMDR therapists to administer treatment and believe you can get the proper healing following proper diagnosis. Contact our LA drug rehab at 310-929-9546 to get started with a consultation on the process of the best substance abuse treatment programs.

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