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We’re delighted that you’ve taken your recovery process into your own hands. There are many ways to tackle substance abuse, but we firmly believe in working with you on all levels of your life–body, mind, and spirit–the foundation you need to prevent relapse and live a fulfilling life in sobriety.

Why Choose Us? 

Our Staff Is Well Trained

Mastering addiction treatment requires a great deal of training and experience. All our staff members are trained to help your loved one through various challenges, from beginning recovery to staying sober and drug-free for life.

Our multidisciplinary team approach allows each client to work with various experts throughout their stay. The unique combination ensures that each client receives top-notch medical services, counseling, support from other addicts in recovery, and more. After all, we want to provide you with only the best rehab services.

We Offer Family Therapy

This type of therapy helps families support each other by recognizing patterns in their interactions that may contribute to a drug problem. Drug rehab treatment centers in California found that patients who receive support from family members during recovery can reduce relapse rates.

Family therapy also gives family members a better understanding of addiction, allowing them to identify warning signs. Family members need to work together with patients because they will encounter situations or triggers that remind them of drug use or make them want to relapse.

Group Therapy

The most effective form of therapy for addiction is group therapy. Our facilitator leads group therapy sessions and allows each person to speak about their experience with addiction openly. In these sessions, addicts often learn more about their behaviors through hearing other members’ experiences. This can increase self-awareness and understanding of their feelings and help them understand how addiction has affected them and others around them.

Nutritional Assessment

Our one-on-one nutritional assessment identifies eating habits that may sabotage your recovery and develop a personalized meal plan that will keep you on track with your treatment. You’ll also get nutritional education, cooking tips, and inspiration to continue what you’ve learned outside of treatment.

Exercise Programs

Exercise is one of many essential components to any successful recovery. It’s been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, and promote better sleep patterns—all of which can help an individual resist addictive behaviors. We designed our exercise programs for various fitness levels and will assist clients in establishing or regaining a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside of our facility.

Medical Detox

At our facility, we offer medical detox to ensure that you experience a safe withdrawal from your addiction. This is important because it helps minimize severe withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings for harmful substances.

Aftercare Program

Our Aftercare programs offer support to help individuals adjust to everyday life and assist when facing challenges during sobriety. These support services will help ensure that our patients have a better chance at maintaining their sobriety throughout recovery.

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Our LA drug rehab Center is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get clean and sober. You will receive all the amenities necessary for your recovery from our highly trained staff, who will be with you every step of the way. Please contact Profound LA today at 310-929-9546 or email admissions@profoundtreatment.com for more information about the best substance abuse treatment programs.

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