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Rehab can be challenging and demanding, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge, especially when you have the support of your family and friends who want to see you succeed in recovery. One of the most important things about going through rehab is to get your mind off the addiction.

What a Day in Top Rehab Centers of Los Angeles Rehab Looks/Feels Like

Morning Routine in Rehab

Clean up the room and take a shower. You have to be dressed by breakfast time. When you first enter rehab, chances are you won’t care much about how you look; therefore, most days will involve wearing an old t-shirt and sweats. However, as time passes and you take pride in your appearance again, days in rehab can become more focused on looking good rather than feeling good.

A Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast helps patients stay on track and start the day on a good note. In drug and alcohol rehab campuses, patients are encouraged to focus their attention on nutrition and health, two things that were (hopefully) not priorities in their life before. Eating well first thing in the morning sets you up for success throughout your day. Healthy choices include oatmeal, eggs, and fresh fruit. Plus, eating something small is an easy way to combat cravings later on.

 Early Meetings

Meetings are a vital part of recovery. These meetings give you time to share your problems with others who’ve been through them, develop new solutions, and try out new behaviors. Support groups can also help you feel less alone with these problems and, therefore, more motivated to seek help.


This is another opportunity to eat in a group while studying the suggested materials. From their first meal to their last, addiction recovery patients are forced to think carefully about what they put into their bodies.

Daily Therapy

Group or individual, with a psychologist, psychiatrist, substance abuse counselor, or addictions specialist. We designed these sessions to help with alcohol addiction recovery and drug addiction recovery by addressing underlying issues and getting you to deal with stressful events that may have led to alcoholism or drug abuse in your past. You will get homework designed to help you on your path to sobriety. 

Free Time

There is plenty of time for reading and relaxing before dinner. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is knowing how to handle your time. Living in an environment like rehab can seem restrictive at first, but it’s important to remember that there are many things you can do with your free time. Make sure you take advantage of physical exercise, walk outside and explore your surroundings, and socialize with other people.


This is usually done as a group; patients sit down and share their day and go over goals for tomorrow. It’s nice because everyone else is doing it too, so there’s always someone to relate to and bond with.

12-Step Meeting

People who have been through similar problems lead these programs and follow principles similar to those found in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Many people find solace and inspiration at these meetings.

Where to find Drug rehab treatment centers in California

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