Outpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Addiction is a progressive illness that needs complex treatments, so people who have severe addictions could go through phases of recovery and relapse before they reach a stable state. Evaluating an addiction and the recovery process is not easy. Hence, you should only join a facility that will give an accurate diagnosis and send you to the proper treatment.

One phase of addiction treatment is the outpatient center, which offers a continuation of some of the programs from the inpatient facility but with lesser intensity. Outpatient treatment at top rehab centers in Los Angeles allows you to continue on a favorable recovery trajectory. In contrast, you continue living your everyday life, such as working and staying with family.

Signs You Are Fit For Outpatient Treatment At Drug Rehab Treatment Centers In California

Outpatient facilities do not treat intense addiction problems that need constant medication, monitoring, and a complicated dual diagnosis program. You are a good candidate for outpatient programs if you exhibit the following:

  • You completed an inpatient program
  • You have a stable home life that you can go back to every evening
  • You do not need emergency medical services like detox
  • The addiction is mild
  • You are in good health and care for children or keep up with school and a job.

How Outpatient Programs Work

Clients come to the facility for a couple of hours each day for most days of the week. They do not reside in the facility but will participate in the full menu of group therapy, specialized counseling, and family therapy programs. The outpatient drug rehab Los Angeles lasts longer than an inpatient one because the goal is to instill a new framework of habits and thoughts that will carry you through to the new phase in life.

The outpatient program at our drug and alcohol rehab campuses has a comprehensive list of treatment options to cater to your body, mind, and emotions. Unlike IOP, there is a lot less focus on the body and more focus on holistic practices that address the practical issues of life. The structured hours involve many counseling and sharing sessions, where you get to speak with professional therapists, psychotherapists, and peers.

Types Of Outpatient Treatment Programs

The two main types of outpatient programs include IOP and PHP. They both focus on deep treatments like psychoeducation and medication management and include complimentary options like yoga, music therapy, and sports. PHP takes on more hours a week, while IOP takes about six to nine hours a week.

Benefits Of The Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

The structured outpatient program does not cater to patients at immediate risks such as physical withdrawals symptoms and suicidal thoughts. On the other hand, it is fit for people who can express themselves and have the drive to come in every day to get the best chance at recovery.

A significant advantage is that you eventually get a better direction in life than you would if you went straight home after inpatient treatment. We focus on giving you the ideal sessions and treatments to match your condition and will be happy to book you for a consultation. Call our LA drug rehab at 310-929-9546 for fast feedback.