Outpatient Rehab Los Angeles

When you are suffering from addiction, the best thing is to get help as soon as possible. Though there are plenty of options, you’ll need to decide which one works best for your particular situation. Both inpatient and outpatient top rehab centers of Los Angeles can help you on your journey back to sobriety, but each option has its pros and cons that you should know before making your final decision. 

Inpatient Rehabilitation Pros

Around the Clock Care

Inpatient rehabilitation is a full-time treatment option that provides around-the-clock care for your addiction. You live in a residential setting, allowing you to focus on recovery rather than everyday activities.

No Distractions

Being in a facility full time gives you zero distractions, which can help you focus all your energy on recovery. You don’t have to worry about looking for food or transportation—they provide all your necessities. This can be a huge advantage over outpatient rehabs, where there are often more things pulling at your attention: getting back to work, taking care of kids, doing chores around the house.

Inpatient Rehabilitation cons


The most obvious con to inpatient rehabilitation is that it can be pretty costly, especially when you factor in travel, food, lodging, time off work (if applicable), etc.

Outpatient Pros


If you’re considering an outpatient rehab program, it may seem like a financially sound decision. After all, outpatient programs are far less expensive than inpatient options. But many rehabilitation facilities offer sliding-scale payments or other financial assistance to make their services accessible to patients who need help.


Outpatient programs make it easier to fit your treatment into your schedule, as you don’t have to spend any time away from home or work. Additionally, it provides a realistic environment where they can begin their recovery.

More Time Spent With Counselors

Outpatient rehab centers are more likely to give you one-on-one counseling. This can be especially important for people with a substance abuse problem because they may have learned many unhealthy coping mechanisms, including self-destructive patterns that require individualized attention.

Outpatient Cons


A big pro of outpatient is that it’s convenient. You live at home, travel to rehab as needed, and come back when you’re done. This can benefit those who need to continue with their current job, attend a school or otherwise maintain their life outside of treatment. However, all these things can also be distractions from sobriety. You may have to confront temptations or triggers daily, which could derail your recovery if you aren’t careful.

Lack of Support

If you’re looking for a way to continue your treatment while still going to work, school or living at home, outpatient care may be proper for you. And while getting help on your terms is great, you’ll be giving up some level of support that comes with inpatient care. Because there are no barriers between patients and their everyday lives, some people find it difficult to attend group therapy or follow through with other essential aftercare responsibilities.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Centers in California

Consider outpatient treatment if you’re interested in going through drug and alcohol rehab campuses but don’t feel ready to be separated from your family. Contact us if you feel that outpatient LA drug rehab is right for you. Our counselors will help guide you through the best substance abuse treatment programs tailored to your individual needs so that you can make a quick, seamless transition back into society. Please contact Profound LA today at 310-929-9546 or email admissions@profoundtreatment.com to find the best treatment program for a loved one.

Outpatient Rehab Los Angeles