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It is hard to admit that you have an addiction issue. When substance abuse causes negative impacts in your life, it is time to deal with your suffering from addiction. Once you come to accept, you are on your way to recovery, and the following step is how to get clean. At this point, it gets confusing if you start questioning if your addiction is severe enough to warrant drug and alcohol rehab campuses stay.

Research shows that 10 percent of people struggling with substance abuse or dependence receive treatment from drug rehab treatment centers in California. Most people tend to forego treatment because they believe they have not hit rock bottom or think their problem is not too severe. The reality is if you are debating whether or not you need help to get clean, you do.

The Severity of Addiction

You probably have an addiction if your relationships and life are negatively affected by your substance use. There is a spectrum used to diagnose addiction. There are criteria for addiction to determine whether your addiction is severe, moderate, or mild. The eleven criteria include

  • Cravings
  • Lack of control
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Tolerance
  • Wasting lots of time trying to access the substance
  • Dangerous use
  • Relationship issues
  • Losing interest in daily activities
  • A deep desire to quit but unable
  • Withdrawal
  • Worsening situations

How severe your addiction is, depends on the number of criteria you meet. If three criteria apply to you, you have a mild addiction. The more criteria you meet, the more severe your addiction is. Either way, even if the diagnosis is mild, you need to seek help from the best substance abuse treatment programs.

Acknowledging Addiction

You may think you have an addiction, but your friends and those around you insist that you are okay and do not have an issue. You should ask yourself if those around you also use alcohol or drugs in such a case. If the answer is yes, they may try to convince you so that they do not lose their party friend. Most times, such friends also have the same problem but are in denial.

It could also be because you have hidden your substance use from them, so they may not be aware of the issue. It could be the first time they hear about your addiction and wonder how they missed signs. Take the time, to be honest, and open with them about your addiction. Their friendship and support will come in handy when you go to an LA drug rehab facility.

Another reason your friends insist you are fine could lie in the fact that your friend does not have that level of honesty. You or your friends may be worried about spoiling the relationship by acknowledging addiction. More so if the relationship has been rocky in the past.

Unless your friends are medical professionals with qualifications that allow them to diagnose, it is best to consult a doctor or mental health professional. Since addiction is measured on a spectrum, remember that it is a progressive disease that will worsen if you do not check into the top rehab centers of Los Angeles.

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Rehab Center Los Angeles