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Your decision to accept an intervention for your worrying drug and alcohol use is commendable. It is not easy to admit powerlessness and get help, but it displays courage and is the first positive sign of change. A positive outlook and information on the whole treatment process will be invaluable.

Treatment Programs

Outside of shortlisting your preferred drug rehab treatment centers in California, the first decision to make is choosing a treatment program. While rehab facilities share the goal of helping people recover from their addiction, their approaches are different. There is variation in the intensity of care, the duration of treatment, and the structure of their treatment plans. If you are unaware of the kind of care you require, contact your chosen LA drug rehab for an evaluation.

Every person that checks into a rehab center receives an assessment performed by a healthcare practitioner that seeks to determine, among other things, your history of use, your mental and physical state, and co-occurring disorders. This assessment also guides on what program is ideal for you.

The programs include:

Outpatient Treatment

It allows you to go home and visit the clinic at a predetermined frequency for your treatment sessions.

Inpatient Treatment

A client lives within the facility. This plan limits your contact with the outside world and provides maximum care. Ideal for those with severe addictions or dual diagnoses. Most drug and alcohol campuses offer this program.

Partial Hospitalization

It offers the same intensiveness as an inpatient program but allows you to go home for the evenings. It is suitable for those with specific commitments such as family duties or unable to afford residential treatment.

Halfway houses or sober living homes are residences designed for controlled living environments. Patients are free to fulfill other obligations such as school or work and then attend treatment sessions during the evenings and weekends.  

Make as many inquiries about the best substance abuse treatment programs as you narrow down your search. As you will be under care for one to three months, it is vital to understand how a rehab measures the effectiveness of its treatment, how they handle relapses, the life and coping skills they impart, and what other activities are available outside therapy. The top rehab centers of Los Angeles offer lessons on fitness, nutrition, meditation, and mindfulness to help in maintaining recovery. They also have recreational facilities with play areas for reflection, relaxation, and entertainment.

Consider your goals when choosing a rehab. While sobriety is the ultimate goal, you can build around it to help you evolve and become more wholesome. Some of the goals include creating a set of personal values and beliefs, offering service to others, evaluating your career, and charting a new path if you wish for different responsibilities. Your caregivers at rehab should guide these topics and help you create actionable steps, as well as short- and long-term objectives. 

Choose a rehab that is far from your routine environment. You will make progress faster in a completely new environment. Ensure the facility is accredited and supports as many payment methods as possible.

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Treatment Center Los Angeles