A person with Dual Diagnosis struggles with substance use and mental health issues at the same time. The two often overlap, and it can be difficult to live with them both. Profound LA specializes in treating individuals with complex disorders, substance use disorder, or both. Dual Diagnosis can include substance abuse with a wide array of potential co-occurring issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or general behavioral disorders that cause issues in an individual’s life. Dual Diagnosis treatment is designed to identify and treat each issue simultaneously.

Individuals with a Dual Diagnosis often struggle to find the best type of care for their unique needs. Identifying the underlying issues that fuel and trigger both their substance use and mental health is crucial during the treatment process. We overcome this difficulty with a combination of psychiatric care, individual and group therapy, exposure to new people and activities, and the participation in a cooperative community where all are involved in supporting the recovery of their peers.

Dual Diagnosis is often difficult to accurately diagnose due to the interactions created between an individual’s substance of choice and their unique mental health struggle. But there is a solution. Dual Diagnosis treatment centers are equipped to work directly with the individual suffering from the complications of co-occurring disorders. It is vital that the needs of both substance use and mental health are addressed in the development of a treatment plan. Treating this unique disorder involves the intentional focus and combination of medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic treatments.

Individuals with co-occurring disorders needing dual diagnosis treatment face complex challenges. They are often at higher risk for unemployment, relationship strife, medical complications, and general dissatisfaction with life. One of the most important stages of the Dual Diagnosis recovery process is participating in therapy. For many patients, therapy becomes the foundation of their own recovery and will go on to continue working with a therapist after finishing treatment. In both individual and group settings, therapy provides access to the root causes of addiction and mental health as well as a means to sobriety and stability.

Profound LA specializes in the treatment of Primary Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis. Utilizing a wide range of clinical modalities, therapeutic exercises, and expert psychiatric care, we strive to bring every one of our patients into recovery, stability, and unity. Profound LA employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and other therapeutic techniques. We also introduce our patients to a variety of recovery support groups, such as the 12 steps, SMART recovery, etc. We focus our treatment process on each individual and on the unique expression of every person. Call us today to discuss more about our treatment process.

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