Psychodynamic Therapy

Time to understand yourself

What is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Psychodynamic Therapy is a form of talk therapy that helps you become more self-aware by examining your past experiences, beliefs and unconscious motivations like social pressure, biology, and psychology. This treatment modality is meant to help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself by becoming fully conscious of the roots of your behavior.

How does Psychodynamic Therapy work?

In Psychodynamic Therapy, establishing trust with your therapist is key. You should feel comfortable talking freely about your emotions, desires and fears. Being open and vulnerable can help you begin to identify problematic behavioral patterns and explore new ways of coping so that you can make lasting positive changes in your life.

How will Psychodynamic Therapy help heal my addiction?

By becoming aware of what motivates your behaviors, you are equipped to begin to make different choices. Whereas previously you may have navigated life on auto-pilot, today you get to make informed decisions based on the present, not the past. In recovery, you get to sit with and process feelings that you may be used to suppressing. Instead of turning to illicit substances, self-harm, or self-destructive behaviors, you can now walk through the discomfort with the support of your therapist and recovery community.

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