Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get admitted into your treatment programs?

At Profound, admission to our substance use disorder treatment programs begins with a simple phone call. During the brief inital assessment, our admissions counselors will discuss your symptoms, the various programs we offer and answer your questions about the cost of treatment, insurance benefits and payment options. They will be able to help you determine a plan of care that meets your unique needs.


How quickly can I get into your treatment programs?

We can usually accommodate admissions as quickly as within the first 24 hours. There may be times when we have limited bed availability or when special circumstances pertaining to your unique situation may prevent us from doing so.


What airports are closest to your facility?

Profound is located within driving distance of two major airports: Los Angeles InternationaL (LAX) and Hollywood-Burbank Airport (BUR).


How do I get from the airport to Profound?

One of our friendly staff members will meet you at the terminal and transport you to our facility. All we’ll need is your travel itinerary.


Am I allowed to contact family members and loved ones during my stay?

Yes. When you arrive, one of our staff members will assist you in making a call to your family, so that you can assure them you have arrived safely. During your stay, you will also be able to communicate regularly with loved ones by phone, and, upon request, via supervised video conference sessions.


What are my responsibilities during inpatient treatment? (Do I have to make my bed, do my laundry, etc.?)

At Profound, we prefer that clients focus on their recovery process rather than routine chores. However, clients are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy on a daily basis. They are also expected to be respectful towards other members of the Profound family (other clients and our staff) and be responsible participants in our therapeutic community.


Should I bring my medication(s) to treatment?

Yes. Please bring any medications you are currently prescribed — in their original prescription bottle. They will be dispensed to you daily by our trained staff.


What should I pack?

Here is a basic checklist detailing what you should bring. Our admissions counselor can answer any additional questions you may have.

  • Season-appropriate, casual and recreation/work-out clothes for up to 7 days.
  • Comfy shoes
  • Appropriate sleepwear
  • Sweater/jacket/sweatshirt
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Petty cash for small expenses
  • Your prescribed medications (if applicable)
  • Photo ID
  • Insurance and/or prescription card
  • For smokers, enough cigarettes for 30 days
  • Hobby items (journal, sketchbook, etc.)


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, certified or cashier’s checks, wire transfers, and cash. If your credit card is linked to your bank account, your bank may have a daily limit imposed. You can have this temporarily lifted by contacting your bank. If payment is by wire transfer, the funds must be received prior to admission. Funds may take several days to transfer. We also accept most major insurance. You can verify your insurance benefits here.


How long will I be in treatment?

Residential treatment will give you the space and time you need to focus on getting better, without all of the daily distractions of life. This recovery experience allows our clients to retreat from the pressures of their world in order to get to the root of their substance abuse, restructure their life, and develop healthy, life-affirming connections with themselves and others. The typical length of inpatient treatment is 28 days, but may be extended based on need. Clients will have the chance to learn new coping skills and self-care strategies and practice them within the safety of a caring community guided by our clinical team. Learn more about inpatient treatment.


How do I know my treatment at PROFOUND will be kept confidential?

We take our responsibility to honor your privacy very seriously. Be assured that your privacy is protected by law. All information you provide to us is CONFIDENTIAL.


Will I have my own room?

The beautiful recovery residences at Profound offer comfortable, home-like rooms. Our experience and research demonstrates that clients have a fuller, richer experience when they live with a roommate. In some cases, a private room may be available based on clinical needs and the current number of residents. Take a tour of our facility here.


How’s the food?

The chefs at Profound cook up delicious, wholesome and nutritious meals. We can accommodate special dietary needs, restrictions, and preferences.


Please tell us about your situation and an admissions counselor will be in touch shortly for a free, confidential assessment.

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