Self-harming behaviors are when an individual engages in practices that are designed to inflict damage or pain onto his or her own body. Self-harm, also known as self-mutilation or self-injury, is often a symptom of a mental health disorder. It may also be a means of gaining a sense of control after trauma or loss of control or attempting to create a physical manifestation of intense internal suffering. Some of the common ways individuals engage in self-harm are pinching, scratching, cutting, bruising, or burning oneself, drinking caustic or poisonous substances, or even breaking one’s bones.

Although self-harm may lead to troubling situations, it is generally not intended as a suicidal measure. In many cases, these individuals are trying to gain a sense of control, punish themselves, or cope with trauma or distressing events. Even still, this behavior should be taken very seriously, as it can lead to accidental death or illness. It is essential to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Effective treatment can be found at Profound LA. Our dedicated and experienced staff understand the causes and treatments of this often recurring behavior. By taking a closer look at each unique individual, and putting together personalized treatment plans, our treatment center is in place to treat the emotional and psychological concerns that lead to self-harm.

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