Care Team

Meet your expert clinical care team.
Our Team
Jason - Giles - MedicalDirector - Care Team - Profound Treatment - Call Us Now
Dr. Jason Giles, MD
Board Certified Addictionologist, Medical Director
Jason Tuzsynksi, BA, Vice President of Business Development-Staff-Profound
Jason Tuzsynski
VP of Business Development
Mitchell Jordan, CADC-III, Group Facilitator-Staff-Profound
Mitchell Jordan
CADC-III, Group Facilitator
Priscilla Gonzales, Chef-Staff_Profound
Priscilla Gonzales
Sarah Glazer, ASW, Therapist
Sara Glazer
LCSW, Therapist
Marco Pardo, CATC-IV, LAADC Group Facilitator, Grief, Loss, & Spirituality Counselor
Marco Pardo, CATC-IV, LAADC
Group facilitator, Grief, Loss & Spirituality Counselor
Michael Saks, AMFT, CATC-III
Michael Saks
AMFT, CATC-III, Therapist
Sheryl Abrams, AMFT, CADC-II
Sheryl Abrams
AMFT, CADC-II, Therapist
Hannah Ryser, CATC, Case Manager
Hannah Ryser
CATC, Case Manager

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