Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid prescribed to relieve severe pain when other medications do not work well enough or cannot be tolerated. Oxycodone belongs to the group of medicines called narcotic analgesics (pain medicines), which act on the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve pain. Oxycodone is highly addictive and widely available, and a user can quickly develop both mental and physical dependence. As pain medications go, Oxycodone is prescribed in pill form and is easily obtained on the streets by the millions of people who abuse it. The opioid epidemic has become such a big problem across the nation that many states have proclaimed it as their number one social problem.


Oxycodone falls into the same drug category as heroin and the ever-dangerous fentanyl.
The misuse of oxycodone can quickly lead to addiction. There are a host of physical, psychological, and behavioral signs and symptoms of oxycodone addiction, such as:

  • itching
  • constipation
  • dry mouth
  • hallucinations
  • abnormal thoughts
  • poor grooming or lack of hygiene
  • becoming secretive about one’s whereabouts
  • being in possession of multiple prescription bottles from different doctors and pharmacies
  • drugged driving


Oxycodone withdrawal, like other opioids, begins around 12 hours after the last use. Withdrawal happens after the body has become accustomed to the substance. While the symptoms aren’t life threatening, they are severe enough to make someone want to use again just to stop them. We recommend detoxing under medical supervision. Some of the symptoms of withdrawal can be:

  • agitation
  • anxiety
  • abdominal cramping
  • diarrhea
  • dilated pupils
  • goosebumps
  • nausea
  • vomiting


Like any other addict seeking treatment, it all starts with the willingness to admit you have a problem. From there, Profound can help you craft a treatment plan that is suited to your specific needs. Profound offers a multitude of programs to help you through each step of your recovery, from medical detox to inpatient treatment. While in our care, you will benefit from several different modalities of therapy to ensure you have established a solid foundation for recovery. We are dedicated to helping you work through what led you to addiction in the first place.



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