Profound Treatment is the premier treatment center for individuals and families struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Located in beautiful West Los Angeles, CA, Profound Treatment offers clients an oasis of healing and nourishment in an increasingly challenging world. With a highly credentialed and dedicated group of therapists, doctors, and other expert practitioners, individuals and families at Profound Treatment will be guided to develop insight, establish foundational skill sets, and successfully work towards creating a life of happiness and peace.

Individuals and families struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders are usually aware that healing from these health issues takes time, compassion, and dedication. At Profound Treatment, we know that, as your chosen treatment center, we will be assisting you through multiple stages of recovery. Because people need different levels of care at different times, we pride ourselves on offering outpatient treatment with various degrees of structure so you can find the level of care that best fits your needs.

Being in a healthy, peaceful, and supportive environment is an incredibly important part of any clients’ recovery process. Luckily, West Los Angeles, CA, is a fantastic setting for that specific type of restorative environment. While attending our outpatient treatment programs during the day, most of our clients choose to live in beautiful, collaborative sober living environments located around West Los Angeles. Profound Treatment will work with you and your family to find the sober living community that best matches your desired environment for healing.

It is never too late to find peace in the midst of a substance abuse or mental health disorder. With an un-matched outpatient treatment program, expert clinicians, and beautiful sober living communities, Profound Treatment truly is a leader in helping its clients build the lives they’ve always wanted.

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