Family Therapy

Working to rebuild relationships

What is Family Therapy?

While individual therapy is meant to focus on one person, Family Therapy is meant to focus on the relationships, understand all family members points of view, bring families together and work through rifts in their relationships, sometimes caused by addiction. Addiction is a family disease, and each member working on their own recovery will benefit the entire family. It will address past and current issues, family dynamics and behaviors that have led to conflict. As well as finding a family’s strengths and areas of improvement, this type of therapy is designed to teach you how to rebuild and strengthen relationships within your family and help to develop healthy boundaries.

How does Family Therapy work?

Family Therapy involves a counselor or a therapist, and can involve as many or as few family members as you want. It is typically short term, and will involve you working together to find where you have issues communicating and what has caused trouble in the past and presently. From there, you will find ways to work through these issues, work on your communication skills, and ways to rebuild trust and your relationships.

How will Family Therapy help heal my addiction?

Family Therapy will help you see where you’ve learned these behaviors, and give your family an understanding of your disease and how they can properly cope with it, where they can improve, and work together to help you through it. Addiction can make you feel alone and isolated, this can show you that this is very much not the case.

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