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Recovery and Community Isolation Isn’t The Answer

If you have taken the plunge into your recovery from addiction, whatever your addiction may be, you are certainly aware of Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions,[1] written by Bill W. and Dr. Bob S., who founded Alcoholics Anonymous.  The Twelve Steps embody the spirit, philosophy and foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

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Discretion in Recovery

To be in a recovery program means that you will adhere to and work the Twelve Steps.  Intrinsic to your program is the idea that it is anonymous.  Indeed, the final letter of the abbreviation of most, if not all, fellowships that follow the Twelve Steps as a formula to

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A Way Out

She was only ten years old when her drug use began.  Both of her parents were active addicts.  She smoked marijuana, drank a lot and took, among other things, Percocet and Vicodin, and she became anorexic, bulimic, and she began to cut herself.  She found herself living in a shelter,

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