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We know how scary it can be to have a loved one suffering from addiction. It completely changes their priorities, their disposition and the way they behave. When someone is in their active addiction, they aren’t themselves. No matter how much you try to reason with them, they won’t listen. Despite how it may feel, you are not alone in your pain. In fact, 46% of U.S. adults have a family member or loved one in active addiction. Many do not receive the addiction treatment they need. For those who do, recovery is possible.

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Why Profound?

Addiction is a powerful brain disorder that, if left untreated, is progressive and fatal, like diabetes or heart disease. The good news is that addiction is treatable. At Profound, our clinical team of experts craft personalized treatment plans to address your loved one’s unique needs. We use evidence-based treatment modalities to ensure that we are treating the mind, body and spirit.

Our medical detox and inpatient treatment living facilities are safe, comfortable, and modern. Nestled in the hills of sunny Southern California, our sprawling grounds feature lush outdoor spaces and luxe swimming pools. The spacious shared living spaces have comfy furniture and state-of-the-art kitchens where our chefs prepare world-class meals. Your loved one will be completely cared for so they can have the space they need to focus on the healing process.

At Profound, clients are able to focus on the new skills they’ve learned as they continue to lay a solid foundation in their journey to recovery.

Still Have Questions?

We understand that sending a loved one to treatment can bring up a lot of emotions and that all of the options can feel overwhelming. At Profound, we strive to involve the family at every stage of the process. If you have any questions about the Profound Experience we’re here to help.

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What are the Warning Signs of Addiction?

If you think a loved one might have a drug or alcohol addiction, here are some signs to look for:

Physical Changes

One of the most obvious and easiest signs will be physical changes, including sudden and quick weight loss, looking emaciated, etc

Changes in Behavior

People in active addiction will have changes in behavior, for example someone who was once outgoing and personable may now be irritable and isolated. Maybe someone who was once punctual is now late and constantly cancelling, or procrastinating

Financial Problems

Another sign of substance use disorder is a family member now has financial troubles, or is constantly broke and asking to borrow money.

What Can I Do To Help?

A great way to start your loved one’s journey into recovery is to create a plan. Letting go of control and accepting help can be overwhelming to the addict. The first step in addressing their addiction, can be to stage an intervention. From there, they can go directly into treatment.

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Why Can’t My Loved One Quit on their Own?

Addiction is a dead-end road that often ends in jail, institutions or death. Treatment is a wake up call that can save your loved one from a dark path. Aside from saving their life, treatment can begin to open the addict’s mind, allowing them to address the underlying causes of their disease. Through one-on-one and group counseling, they can face their trauma and begin to rebuild their relationships.

Addiction is a Family Disease

Addiction affects everyone around the addict. This can mean fractured relationships with a parent figure, or trauma in an addict’s childhood. Profound offers family therapy to help work through these issues.

Having a family member going through addiction can be a hard, and even traumatic experience. Remember that you are not alone. There are many resources and support groups available to you. We can help you get through this together.

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