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What is TMS Therapy?

When searching for the best transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy, it’s important to understand what TMS therapy is. TMS is a treatment tool that uses a magnetic field to heal conditions that affect the brain. It is most widely used to treat depression where other forms of treatment have failed. It is a treatment with few side effects and is generally considered safe for most people.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation. TMS is a non-invasive procedure involving magnetic fields stimulating the brain’s nerve cells. The magnets help improve symptoms associated with mental health conditions including:1
  • Depression
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Anxiety
You should know when looking for “TMS therapy near me” that it is generally used when other treatments have failed to relieve symptoms. 

What is the Success Rate of TMS Therapy?

If you or a loved one are considering treatment opportunities and find yourself browsing the web for “TMS therapy near me,” it would be beneficial to consider TMS therapy efficacy. The success rate of TMS therapy varies depending on one’s treatment needs. However, most studies about TMS therapy state treatments have a 50-60% success rate for depression treatment.2
Additional studies suggest rates as low as 40% and as high as 64%. Unfortunately, many studies only provide information about the success of TMS for depression treatment. Thus its effectiveness for other medical and mental health conditions, such as anxiety, is more challenging to measure. Despite this, TMS is generally considered highly safe and effective.3

How Much Does a TMS Therapy Session Cost?

The average cost of finding “TMS therapy near me” will vary based on a few factors. First, you must consider where you live and the facility where you receive treatments. Another factor contributing to TMS therapy’s total cost is whether your insurance will cover all or some of your sessions. 
Most insurance companies, including Medicare, will pay for “TMS therapy near me,” but restrictions may apply. If one has to pay for TMS out of pocket, the cost can range from $6,000 to $12,000 (for all necessary sessions).4

What's the Difference Between Traditional TMS and Deep TMS Therapy?

When searching for information about TMS therapy, you may learn that this treatment uses a magnetic coil to send energy pulses to specific areas of the brain that affect mood. Most courses of TMS treatment last for six to eight weeks and involve five treatments per week.

There are two types of TMS therapy with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Both types use a magnet to improve symptoms, but the magnet’s strength differs.5

Traditional TMS therapy

Traditional TMS therapy (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, rTMS) received FDA approval in 2008. Initially, rTMS was only approved for use in depression treatment. rTMS uses a figure-8-shaped magnetic coil that can penetrate about three centimeters below the skull.
At this depth, magnetic pulses can reach the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain involved in mood regulation. Studies of the effectiveness of rTMS show a response rate of approximately 58% after thirty sessions. The same studies also report a 37% remission rate after the same number of sessions.6

Deep TMS therapy

Deep TMS (dTMS) uses a specific type of magnetic coil called an H-1 coil. The H-1 coil, developed by BrainsWay in 2000, received FDA approval in 2013. It is stronger than the previous coil, penetrating 4 centimeters below the skull. Its greater effectiveness allows magnetic pulses to reach further than they can with rTMS.7
Studies on the effectiveness of dTMS suggest that after five weeks of sessions (twenty total), up to 64% of patients reported improved symptoms. Of those, approximately 42% achieved symptom remission. Further studies show after a longer treatment duration (thirty sessions over six weeks), rates increased to 75% and 51%.8

TMS Therapy in Los Angeles- TMS Therapy Innovations

In 2018, BrainsWay received FDA approval for a newer, stronger coil (the H-7) capable of deeper reach. The H-7 allows TMS therapy to relieve symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Data provided by BrainsWay indicates dTMS using the H-7 coil led to a 20-30% reduction in symptoms for OCD patients.9

Who Benefits from Deep TMS Therapy?

When finding out if you’re eligible for TMS therapy you must meet the requirements provided by your insurance provider, as these are also the same requirements outlined by the FDA for the safe use of rTMS and dTMS. Both treatments have successfully addressed various medical and mental health conditions, especially in cases where other types of treatment have failed.

For someone seeking help to address depression symptoms, TMS may be effective if standard treatments, including antidepressants and therapy, have failed to provide relief. Additionally, you must be currently experiencing a depressive episode and have a current diagnosis of major depressive disorder.

TMS Therapy Considerations

It is also important to consider any conditions that rule out TMS therapy, such as pregnancy, metal implants, self-harming ideation, psychotic symptoms, seizure disorders, or substance abuse. If you have tried other depression (or OCD) treatments before but experience recurring symptoms, TMS treatment may help.
Your medical or mental health provider can provide additional information about TMS as a treatment option. Your provider can also help you by working with your insurance company to determine your coverage and benefits before committing to a course of treatment.

TMS Therapy in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles

For TMS therapy to be effective, more than one or two sessions are required. As mentioned above, most full courses of treatment last between six and eight weeks, with sessions five times per week. Finding a qualified TMS provider near you ensures you can go to all your appointments and get the most out of your course of treatment. 

If you plan to seek insurance coverage for your goal of finding “TMS therapy near me,” we also recommend checking with your insurance company to find an in-network facility or provider, as the out-of-pocket cost of TMS can be quite high. 

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