Michael Saks, AMFT


Michael Saks’s journey to becoming a therapist commenced in 2015 with an internship at a treatment center in Los Angeles, specializing in substance abuse and gambling dependency. This period marked a pivotal moment in his life as he sought direction and purpose. It was then that Saks discovered his true passion lay in aiding others to navigate life’s challenges and celebrate their victories. This realization led him to understand that his utmost goal was to assist individuals in thriving rather than merely surviving.

Motivated by this passion, Saks returned to school in 2016 to obtain a certification in substance abuse counseling. Yet, he felt his journey was far from complete; he believed a critical component was still absent. Driven by this notion, in 2020, he pursued a master’s degree in clinical psychology. This endeavor allowed him to deepen his understanding and awareness, all the while refining his skills as a therapist.

On a personal level, Saks has encountered numerous difficulties and understands what it feels like to grapple with feelings of failure and the impression that nothing one does is “right.” He is intimately acquainted with the ways hopelessness can pervade one’s mental and physical being, and how life can feel stunted when overwhelmed by uncontrollable internal turmoil. Nevertheless, Saks also knows the essence of achieving success, both personally and professionally. He has learned how to overcome barriers and discover hope in seemingly dark situations.

For those feeling lost, Michael Saks extends an invitation to reach out and explore the services he offers, emphasizing that the struggle does not have to continue in solitude.

Michael Saks, AMFT, CATC-III

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