When a court-ordered treatment has been sentenced, patients are legally obligated to provide letters to the court attesting to their successful completion of the program before their sentence can be lifted. Finding a program that can provide the crucial documentation of a court letter can prove challenging, since not all facilities are equipped to provide it. And, since the defendants are legally responsible for selecting their own program, choosing a treatment center that will write such a court letter is crucial—and can feel overwhelming given all the choices throughout Southern California in general and Los Angeles County in particular. Navigating this legal quagmire of sentencing, treatment, and subsequent exoneration can feel daunting at first—but it doesn’t have to be.

Our treatment center in west Los Angeles guarantees a court letter for every patient that successfully completes our program, making us the perfect facility for patients with a court-ordered drug treatment program in Los Angeles, CA. After joining our drug treatment program, each patient can rest assured that his/her primary counselor will write the letter based on his/her improvement throughout treatment, highlighting all the positive change clearly evident from the patient’s time at Profound Treatment. Through this letter, we guarantee that each primary counselor will forge the path towards stability and recovery, ensuring a new life ahead for our patients. Indeed, after reviewing this letter, the court should consider the sentence fulfilled, lifting the legal burden off the shoulders of our program veterans, so they can focus all their energies at maintaining a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.

For those joining Profound Treatment’s Intensive Outpatient Program for a sustained period of time, more than one court letter might be required (per the sentencing of the court). In this case, our team of professional can write and mail as many letters as necessary to the respective courts, customizing frequency to each court’s distinct determination. Indeed, we value the wellbeing of each patient over everything else, and understand that sometimes this requires lengthier conversations with the court in question.   

Joining an IOP by choice vs. fulfilling a court-ordered drug treatment program:

In our treatment program, we are committed to helping people get themselves back on track—no matter why they joined our program. Through our multi-pronged philosophy, we help people who desperately wanted to be a part of our Intensive Outpatient Program, and sought Profound Treatment out on their own, and those who needed to fulfill the mandate of a court-ordered drug treatment program. In all scenarios, we are fully equipped to help patients get on the road to recovery.

There are a variety of reasons that our patients choose our facility, whether they willingly opted into rehab or not. Those who choose Profound Treatment as a means to fulfill their court-ordered rehab program do so for a few different reasons, such as:

  • Criminal Court Sentencing, when a judge from a conventional court orders addiction treatment, after assessing that the defendant would benefit from treatment (either as the entire sentence or as a piece of the punishment)
  • Drug Court Sentencing, when a judge from a non-conventional court orders addiction treatment, after assessing that the defendant would benefit more from treatment than a prison term (after first dictating that the defendant is unfit for a conventional court, due to obvious addiction or intoxication issues)
  • Settlement Deal, when the prosecutor offers addiction treatment (as part or all of the sentence) as a means to avoid the courtroom itself

Whatever their reason is for joining the Profound Treatment intensive outpatient program, we are confident that the treatment provided by our team of professionals will cause real, positive change. The reason why people seek help does not always matter: what does matter is what happens during their treatment course, and we have found that many who walk through our doors thanks to a court-mandated outpatient treatment program achieve just as much as those who sought us out on their own. Indeed, over time, they begin to see the freedom of a drug-free lifestyle, as they slowly curb their addiction, and undergo meaningful change.  Slowly but surely, our patients are able to re-enter the ranks of society, returning to their jobs, schools, and responsibilities in full force. We take great pride in our part in this process, as facilitators of recovery.

No matter why they walk through our doors, we offer all patients the chance to send a letter to their sentencing court, freeing them from all charges, after successfully completing our treatment. This capability makes Profound Treatment one of the few facilities equipped to wipe the slate clean, giving our program graduates the chance for a fresh start without sacrificing the valuable time needed for a residential treatment program or a prison term.

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