Drug addiction is destroying the lives of many people in Southern California. The person’s age, sex, socioeconomic status, or cultural background does not matter when it comes to substance abuse’s devastating effects. Drugs are wrecking just as many lives in urban and suburban neighborhoods as in rural communities. Amid the idyllic lifestyle and trappings of success of Southern California, drug and alcohol addiction is a dark secret that is bringing people to their knees and wrecking families. For people facing all this darkness, destruction, and pain, Profound Treatment offers hope.

An Excellent Array Of Services

To best serve the diverse group of people in Century City and throughout Southern California who are struggling with substance abuse, Profound Treatment offers a vast array of therapeutic options. With people in different phases of their battle to overcome drug and alcohol addiction, they understand that a one size fits all treatment method would not be able to meet the needs of all of the people who need help. So Profound Treatment provides a variety of treatment options designed to meet patients where they are and help them reclaim their sobriety. Some of their treatment options include:

  1. In-patient And Outpatient Treatment
  2. Individual And Group Therapy
  3. Drug Testing
  4. Interventions
  5. Psychiatric Evaluations
  6. Family Therapy
  7. Sober Monitoring
  8. Dual Diagnosis Care
  9. In Action Personalized Step-Down Programs
  10. Career And Educational Counseling

An Accurate Evaluation

The staff at Profound Treatment understands that the first and most crucial step in providing patients with effective treatment is an accurate evaluation. Each patient is interviewed and evaluated by a team of experts trained in several key disciplines. Together with input from the loved ones of the patient, they create a treatment plan designed to meet each person’s unique situation and needs. The Profound Treatment team makes recommendations on whether in-patient or out-patient care is required, whether a dual diagnosis needs to be addressed for drug abuse treatment to be effective, and all other pertinent facts that may impact a patient’s ability to reclaim and maintain their sobriety.

A Supportive Therapeutic Environment

One of the reasons Profound Treatment has been very successful in treating people in Century City and throughout Southern California with substance abuse issues is the supportive therapeutic environment their facility offers. Their team of drug treatment experts has designed and created an environment where patients feel comfortable enough to honestly admit their challenges and get the help and guidance required to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. The supportive therapeutic environment at Profound Treatment engenders trust and confidence that the therapist, counselors, and medical professionals have the skills, training, and techniques to help patients get sober.

Individual Therapy Sessions

At Profound Treatment, patients are put through individual therapy sessions specifically designed to address their unique needs. The therapists and counselors help patients understand the pressures, triggers, and habits that led to their addiction to drugs and alcohol and guide them through activities designed to break their addictions and give them the tools they need to begin the recovery process. People from all over Century City and Southern California rave that their therapy sessions have led to the breakthroughs they need to attain and maintain their sobriety.

Group Therapy Sessions

The group therapy sessions conducted at Profound Treatment help patients share their experiences and realize they are not alone in facing the demons associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Hearing the stories of others working their way through the challenging healing process associated with ending addiction gives patients the strength and confidence necessary to be victorious over drug abuse. Patients realize although they may be in different age groups and come from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, the challenges they face with drug and alcohol addiction are the same, and they work together under the guidance of highly skilled therapists and counselors to overcome them.

The In Action Program

One of the most important and effective treatment modalities offered by Profound Treatment is it’s innovative In Action program. Through this unique program, the staff at Profound Treatment helps patients complete their recovery process by teaching them newfound coping mechanisms that enable them to be reintegrated into everyday life safely by providing them with the support they need. This active step-down program is centered on providing a structured, clinically supervised, series of steps for patients who have shown they are ready for a less intensive outpatient treatment program to be reintroduced into everyday life in their community.

Key Components

The In Action program incorporates a variety of supportive services that help people in the process of overcoming drug and alcohol addiction reenter their communities throughout Century City and elsewhere in Southern California. The In Action program include real-time support for dealing with high trigger environments, sober monitoring, ongoing therapy, as well as educational and career counseling. This keeps both the structure and accountability of people recovering from drug addiction need in this crucial phase of their recovery process. The program has proven to be very successful for people involved in Profound Treatment’s Dual Diagnosis programs.

Dual Diagnosis

Many people living and working in Century City who find themselves struggling with substance abuse and seek treatment are often diagnosed with having a co-existing condition that made them susceptible to abusing drugs. This dual diagnosis enables the staff at Profound Treatment to be better able to treat the client. Understanding the nature of primary disorder that played a role in the person becoming involved in substance abuse enables the therapists, counselors and other medical professionals at Profound Treatment to devise a more specific and targeted treatment plan designed to address both conditions and give the client a better chance of returning to health and wholeness.

Common Coexisting Conditions

There are several common coexisting conditions with which people often suffer. Breaking the cycle of addiction becomes more comfortable when those conditions are diagnosed and treated simultaneously with the person’s addiction to drugs. Some of the most common ailments people suffering in the throes of substance abuse are often diagnosed with include:

  • Personality Disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Panic Attacks

Once the underlying condition has been identified and an accurate dual diagnosis made, the team at Profound Treatment has had great success treating both simultaneously. The key is their ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of the mental illness that pushed the person to abuse drugs in search of relief.

Detoxification And Healing

At Profound Treatment, they understand detoxification is essential before true healing can take place. Whether the person is addicted to alcohol and drugs, or there is an underlying mental health issue, clearing the drugs they abused out of their system must be the first step. This innovative treatment facility uses a wide range of effective methods to achieve this goal and help their clients regain their health, strength, clarity of mind, and sobriety. Profound Treatment offers people hope, help, and healing.

A Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Approach

In Century City and many other parts of Southern California, drug addiction and overdoses are a leading cause of incarceration, illness, and death. If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol, opioids, prescription painkillers, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, or any other drugs, contact Profound Treatment today. They have a well-trained, highly qualified, experienced, caring staff with expertise in a variety of disciplines, practical techniques and programs, and the warm, loving, therapeutic environment it takes to break the hold of addiction and help people to reclaim their lives.