Struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be devastating, which is why it’s so crucial that you get treatment as soon as possible. The Malibu, California area offers numerous treatment resources that can help you kick the habit and start living again. When the clutches of a drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t let go, you need professional help to overcome.  

Treatment Resources in Malibu, California 

The rehabilitation centers in Malibu are plentiful. Thankfully, you have many options when it comes to treatment that you can afford. Since each program offers something different, you can find exactly what you need for your unique situation. There are more than 13 various rehabilitation centers in this city, plus there are counseling and other supportive services throughout the Los Angeles County area. 

If you are looking for a detox or a long-term program, you will have plenty to choose from Los Angeles County. In addition to immediate help, you will need ongoing therapy and support to stay clean and avoid relapsing. For those that have a craving for heroin and other opioids, medication treatments may be necessary to combat the physical and emotional pain caused by drug use. 

Los Angeles County Drug Abuse Statistics 

An addiction issue isolates you and makes you feel alone. You should know that there are thousands of people in Malibu who feel the same way. Shockingly, in Los Angeles County, more than 60,000 residents entered treatment for drugs or alcohol in 2018 alone. There were 15,000 of those people addicted to alcohol, while the other 45,000 were addicted to drugs. Heroin and methamphetamine usage was the chief complaint with 18,000 of those individuals. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse issues statistics each year after numerous studies. They have found that most people that suffer from addiction have a dual diagnosis. Are you trying to self-medicate due to anxiety or depressive disorder that goes untreated? Mental health and addiction run hand-in-hand. Treating issues relating to PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, or other mental illnesses is the key to conquering addiction. 

When it comes to adolescents, experts believe that more than half of those with a drug or alcohol problem are also suffering from mental health concerns. In Los Angeles County, people from all walks of life and age groups seek treatment. It’s not just those suffering from mental health or poverty. One thing researchers have found is that addiction is no respecter of persons. Centers in this area see a great deal of cultural diversity too. Surprisingly, 46,000 arrests in the Malibu area last year ended were due to the possession or being under the influence of drugs. 

Los Angeles County Recovery Meetings Near Me  

Residential treatment is not always an option for everyone. For some individuals, an outpatient format works better with their job and family needs. One of the keys to recovery is that you must be actively involved in a support group. Attending these meetings regularly can help keep you on track. Thankfully, there are meetings throughout the Malibu area that you can go to every day if necessary. 

Since the format and people that frequent each support group varies greatly, it’s essential to try a few until you find one that fits. Some groups will center their focus on alcohol, while others may focus on drugs. Then, some groups will focus on both issues. Additionally, there are diverse viewpoints about recovery. Finding a support group that aligns with your views is vital to your success. 

If you’re interested in linking with the Alcohol Anonymous, then you should check out the Los Angeles LACOAA website. They list all the meetings for the day, week, and month in the area. You can plan according to your schedule and always know when and where to go for support. If your problem is drugs and not alcohol, then you should seek assistance from Narcotic Anonymous. Their website has a list of meetings in the Malibu area. 

Support groups are not only for those suffering from addiction. As a friend or family member of an addict, it can take a significant toll on relationships. Loving someone with a substance abuse issue means being longsuffering and understanding. These groups can be beneficial for you as well. You will find many support groups in the Malibu area that are focused on friends and family. 

Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment in Los Angeles County 

Deciding between inpatient and outpatient services can be difficulted. However, many people can’t break free from their addiction without the support of an inpatient facility. For some, it’s not an option to leave their family and job to get help. 

Inpatient treatment removes you from your routine and puts you in an austere environment. The natural part of the process is going through detox. The real work begins after the drugs have left your system. The treatment done inpatient is intensive, but it’s beneficial. 

Outpatient treatment has its place too. It’s cost-efficient for those who don’t have insurance. However, it’s also great for those who have a busy schedule and can’t take time away from their families. Though you will get help and support, you can still work and take care of your family’s needs. 

There are great success stories that come from both types of treatments, but some find that the distractions and temptations they face in outpatient services are enough to keep them from sobriety. 

Choosing the Right Facility in Los Angeles County

Though there are numerous treatment centers in Malibu and throughout Los Angeles County, finding the right program for you is vital to your success. Would you instead do the detox process at home and get your supportive services on an outpatient basis, or does an inpatient plan seem like the best option for you? Review several facilities and find a program and center that feels right for you and your situation. 

Use the internet to review a facility and the experiences of other people. When visiting facilities, make sure to ask any questions you might have regarding their program. The state of California has a website where you can search for treatment options available in the region. You will find an extensive list of the Los Angeles area. Armed with information, you or your loved one can search for the best treatment for your specific needs. 

Mental Health Services in Los Angeles County 

Since mental health problems often cause self-medicating tendencies using drugs and alcohol, a dual-diagnosis center is a viable option. Untreated anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and other mental disturbances put you at considerable risk for substance abuse issues. 

Are you ready to take the first step in your sobriety? If you want a life free of drugs and alcohol, only you can make that choice to get better. Our professionals are ready to help you by telling you what options are available in the Malibu area. 

It’s normal to have lots of questions and wonder what steps to take to get help. Our well-trained representatives are standing by. Don’t live another day like your last. You must be ready and willing to accept the support available to you. Call us today and see how you can start the journey to recovery.