How Do I Prepare For Rehab?

Preparing for rehab isn’t supposed to be a chore. It’s a brand new phase of your life that will put you in contact with professionals who can guide you through the process, net you some great friends, and introduce you to a way of living that’s even better than you had before your addiction took over. In short, it’s a joyous occasion, but before you go, it’s sure not going to feel that way. You’ll likely be stressed about what to take, what kind of people will be there, and what it will be like in general. The anxiety is normal! Take it as it comes and assure yourself that great things are ahead.Just in case the reassurance isn’t enough to calm the old nerves, you can follow a few simple tips to prepare for rehab. Preparation will likely reduce much of the anxiety you’re feeling, and it’s a good idea in general. The better prepared you are for what’s ahead, the better. How can you make the process easier?


Rehab may be a week away, or you may be going tomorrow. Either way, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself and make sure you’re ready. Just emotionally preparing yourself is a big step, and you’re already doing that right now.


If you have a place to live, a family, and bills to pay, then it’s best to take care of those things before you go to rehab so that they’re not hanging over your head. If you can’t possibly take care of your bills, it’s time to stop worrying about that altogether and leave things to your family or a trusted friend. Why? Well, your success in rehab is going to depend on being able to leave your problems outside the walls of the rehab itself. Once you’re sober, you can take care of rebuilding your life. Now is the time to get well. Whatever you can take care of, take care of, but otherwise, it’s best to block these things out of your mind. All of your finances depend on getting sober.


If you’re taking a leave of absence to go to rehab, then you should make sure that your employer is aware of the dates that you’ll be gone. The Family Medical Leave act will cover your specific condition, and you should be able to keep your job while in rehab. If you don’t have a job, that’s okay. You’re free to get well without worrying about things like this.


Some addicts have to prepare for rehab while they’re still under probation or some other legal arrangement. You’ll want to inform your probation officer of your decision if you are going to rehab, and if you have court dates coming up, you’ll want to let the court know that you’ll be in rehab.


When you’re going into rehab, it can be tough to relax, but it’s best to try to get in some meditation or even journaling before you go. Find apps that let you take notes of your feelings as well. There are many apps out there that let you listen to white noise or other soothing sounds that help you clear your head. Journaling apps for well-being are also common. Find an app or take a notebook or journal that will let you document this significant time of your life. It’ll help you make sense of your feelings to be able to read back on this time of your life.


The people who love you are likely celebrating your decision to go into rehab. If you feel like you have a great support system who’s behind you, let them know. Let them know how they played a part in your decision to get help, let them know how much their love and guidance has meant to you, and let them know when you’ll return or be able to have visits or calls from them. The people who were there for you during your addiction, the people who wanted you to get better, deserve a good round of applause before you go. They’ll also be there when you get out, and a little bit of gratitude makes the whole support network feel great.


What many recovering addicts in the past have learned is that the single decision of going to rehab is a life-changing decision. It’s just one decision in a lifetime full of choices, but it’s the one decision they made that changed their life and enabled them to rebuild everything that addiction had broken apart. When you get to rehab, you’ll see a whole crowd of people that are there for the same reason you are. They want to get better. They don’t know how to yet, and they don’t know what they’re doing either, but they know that they don’t want to use anymore. Being surrounded by a motivated group of struggling, but recovering addicts is very liberating.

The shared experience of your group in rehab will be a constant source of support as you push through each phase of recovery. During rehab, you’ll learn that recovery is a lifelong endeavor. At first, this will be disheartening news. Who wants to recover forever? After you get your first true breath of recovery, you’ll discover that recovering for the rest of your life is going to be a liberating, joyful experience. Addiction gives a person a unique outlook in recovery, one that is uplifting to hear. While each person will approach recovery differently, the little things you do every day in your sobriety all count as recovering.

Rehab is a big step in your life, and it’s one that you should be endlessly proud of. It’s not easy to put down drugs or alcohol and start life anew among a group of people you don’t know. You’ll be in a place that’s not your home, but you’re in great company. The healthcare professionals in rehabs are compassionate and understanding, and they know how to show you the ropes and help you help yourself. As you prepare for rehab, keep in mind that you’re making the most critical decision of your life, and if you follow the guidance of counselors and other caring professionals, you’ll soon be rebuilding your life.

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