Xylazine/Tranq Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Xylazine addiction is a major issue in the United States, and it can have serious effects on a person’s physical and mental health. This highly addictive drug is often mixed with other illicit substances like Fentanyl, leaving many people struggling to manage a multifaceted form of drug addiction.

If you or a loved one need help recovering from Xylazine addiction, we’re here for you. The process starts with knowing about the drug and its effects on the body and mind, which we’ll briefly cover below.

What is Xylazine or Tranq?

Xylazine, also known as “Tranq” or “Tranq Dope,” is an addictive and powerful animal sedative that is sometimes abused by humans. The effects of Xylazine in humans can include slowed heart rate, muscle relaxation, and a sense of euphoria. However, Xylazine abuse is extremely dangerous, and a Xylazine overdose can be life-threatening.

The drug is considered a “growing threat” by the DEA, especially due to the prevalence of Xylazine mixtures that include other addictive drugs.


Why Is Xylazine So Dangerous?

Xylazine addiction is a serious problem, as the well-known Tranq drug poses some serious health risks. The drug is not approved by the FDA for human use, and it can lower blood pressures to dangerous levels in high enough amounts. In addition, human use of Xylazine can slow breathing and lower a person’s heart rate, leading to death in some cases.


Symptoms of Xylazine Use

The effects of Xylazine addiction can be both physical and mental, and they can appear rapidly. Physical symptoms of Xylazine use include dry mouth, hypertension, breathing changes, and extreme drowsiness. In extreme cases, use of the drug can lead to a coma.

Xylazine Effects on Humans

Xylazine can have varying effects on humans, as some have a high drug tolerance while others do not. The effects of Xylazine on humans can include the development of addiction and the possibility of overdose. However, Xylazine addiction is perpetuated by the drug’s most addictive effects — feelings of euphoria and sedation.

Xylazine Overdose Risk

One of the reasons why Xylazine treatment is often so vital is because of the extremely high risk of overdose. Very high doses of Xylazine can cause serious health problems or death. In addition, other illicit drugs may be mixed with Xylazine, leading to an inadvertent overdose.

Xylazine Withdrawal & Detox

When you choose to get help in battling a Xylazine addiction, you’re going to go through the steps of withdrawal. This process can be extremely challenging to navigate on your own, and relapse is much more likely if you attempt to detox solo.

When you get high-quality care from a treatment center like Profound Treatment, you have the help and support of a well-trained team of addiction specialists. Our staff can help you through the detox process, minimizing the severity of withdrawal symptoms and helping you start and sustain your recovery.

Treatment for Xylazine or Tranq Addiction

Treatment for Xylazine or Tranq addiction typically starts with a period of medication-assisted detox. During this process, addiction specialists give controlled doses of medication to help you manage your withdrawal symptoms. Since withdrawals from Xylazine can cause some extremely uncomfortable symptoms, getting medical supervision for detox is always wiser than attempting to detox on your own.

In addition to detox, our treatment center provides a safe, comfortable, and healing environment for our inpatient clients. Our facility gives you a place to learn how to live a rich, fulfilling, and stable life without depending on addictive substances like Xylazine.

For our clients who have major professional obligations, we also offer a Professionals Program. This program exists to accommodate working professionals who want to commit the necessary time and effort to recovery while continuing in their careers.

No matter who you are, you’re unique. At Profound, we believe your treatment plan should be unique as well. Our clients typically start the treatment process with detox, followed by a period of inpatient treatment. However, our treatment programs are flexible and able to accommodate individual needs.

Cost & Insurance Coverage for Xylazine Addiction Treatment

The cost of treatment at Profound can be either partially or fully covered by insurance. We accept many major forms of insurance, and you can expect your coverage to either significantly or fully pay for treatment.

Why Choose Profound for Xylazine Addiction Treatment

When you get Xylazine addiction treatment from Profound, you’re looked after by a strong clinical team, including doctors, therapists, and support staff. Our team always makes your comfort and well-being their highest priority, and they’re ready and able to believe in you until you’re ready to believe in yourself.

In addition, Profound gives you a luxurious environment for inpatient treatment. When you go through our treatment program, you have access to our spacious living spaces, gorgeous outdoor areas, swimming pools, and more. In addition, we have on-site chefs in charge of preparing delicious and nutritious meals every day.

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